Glory MMA & Fitness Reviews

  • Hannah Zeciri, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    We've trained at Glory numerous times since 2013. This gym is amazing and the instruction is top notch. Would definitely recommend anyone in the KC area check out their classes and excellent facility.

    Hannah Zeciri
  • Kylee Nichole Gilkey, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    This place is definitely the REAL deal. The instructors are amazing and really care for us. I highly recommend Glory! There's a well rounded group of people who attend it and so many excellent classes. This will be my home gym for life. Very very impressive!

    Kylee Nichole Gilkey
  • Brandi Martinez French, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Great program and instructors! My 11 year old son has been doing the mma program for a year now and loves it.

    Brandi Martinez French
  • Paul Simpson, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Everyone there is super nice and there are so many ways to get in shape when you walk in.

    Paul Simpson
  • Jordan Dowdy, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top notch facility, great coaches and fighters here! Can’t wait to come back. Best gym in the Midwest!

    Jordan Dowdy
  • Joe S, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I've been a member for a few months now, and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Glory MMA & Fitness has a great staff that is very welcoming, and that's SUPER important for someone like myself who hasn't done this sort of thing before and was out of shape. I'm still not in great shape, but I've made serious improvements and I've also been able to make good gains to my mental health, which is my #1 goal.

    Joe S
  • Elma Arel, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Grandson goes here & staff is great

    Elma Arel
  • Nick Estrada, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Sorry if this is long-winded but this place really is special. Not because of the expertise alone but mainly because of the people. I have played nearly every sport at various levels. Along the way you get a feel for what kind of community you are walking into. The minute I stepped in the room (having no prior martial arts experience) I felt welcomed and encouraged. It's a unique family of people that are all there to better themselves and there are very few people at Glory that I couldn't point out as being amazingly humble. Specifically, Paul and Garrett stand out in that category for me. I have no clue how far I would take martial arts or MMA but just getting to know these guys as friends is well worth the investment. If you are thinking of joining just give it a try and you won't ever look back. Thanks Glory!

    Nick Estrada
  • Michael Adams, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I have been going to Glory since Jan 2015 and I have thoroughly enjoyed the GloryFit class they offer. The staff and other gym members are incredibly friendly. There are many people there with different end goals and the staff takes the time to learn what your goals are and how they can help you get there.

    I'm your stereotypical 8-5 cube farmer with a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Five months into my membership (and paying better attention to my diet) I'm down to 173lbs from 200lbs and chasing my kids around is a breeze.

    Try out the free class! Send me a message and I'll be more than happy to go with you

    Michael Adams
  • Alaina Danielle, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    What an awesome gym! One of the best places to train in the KC area. I highly recommend Glory MMA & Fitness to anyone who's looking to get in shape, or to anyone who wants to learn MMA and/or BJJ, or Wrestling. Glory also has some of the best trainers/coaches around! Check them out today!

    Alaina Danielle
  • Matt Waters, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Amazing environment for kids and adults to learn martial arts! All instructors are not only highly qualified, but also great people that you can be proud your kids look up to. No matter what your goal is Glory is the place to be to achieve it!

    Matt Waters
  • Brad Hill, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The Kansas City area has an excellent MMA scene and great gyms. But Glory is the best in my humble opinion. You may search but you will not find a better MMA gym. The people showing you what to do are premier level athletes. Something rarely mentioned in reviews is cleanliness. Some places will give you the funk. Glory will not. The cleanest gym I have ever stepped foot in.

    Brad Hill
  • Darryn Smith, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I've always heard about Glory MMA through James Krause on Twitter & when fighters from there would appear on UFC tv. I walked in expecting to only meet Megan Anderson because of her Invicta FC fight coming up this week to show my support & ran into James Krause sitting down at front desk too. Everyone was super friendly & understanding of what goals I want to set there. The monthly fee was a bit pricey for me but James told me that he works with people to keep it affordable which I liked. James took me on a quick tour...I took a picture with James & Megan...grabbed a Glory shirt/compression shorts & left there happy man. James even offered some classes for me to attend & observe...I will take him up on that offer soon. Thanks for the warm hospitality.

    Darryn Smith
  • John Lindsey Jr., Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    After numerous times of going back and forth and trying to find the right gym, I walked in to one of the most welcoming environments I have ever encountered in my life. I have been a member of this gym since May, 2015 and my only regret is that I didn't join up even sooner. Admittedly, I was intimated by the gym in general and being in an environment with professional fighters but everyone has been welcoming and willing to help you along. My experience has been nothing but positive. I started out just doing the GloryFit classes and I have transitioned to training in MMA. While, I was AGAIN, intimidated by doing that kind of training, I continue to be amazed at how great the environment is. Even when sparring, I'll get coaching and advice from everyone on how to be even better the next round. I would encourage anyone to give this gym a look. You won't regret that decision.

    John Lindsey Jr.
  • Derek Wiesemann, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    5 stars isn't enough for this place....The staff who are all fighters genuinely care about improving the technique that you have or lack thereof. They will make sure you know exactly what you're doing and are doing it right. It's great that this place has many pro fighters in different MMA promotions. I've known James for years and finally decided to join up! I've not regretted it since!

    Derek Wiesemann
  • Jordan Washington, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Hands down the best MMA gym in Missouri. The people you meet here are role modles, coaches, teammates, competitors and friends. I have personally fought out of this gym and if i could still do it i wouldn't go anywhere else in the world...real talk, if you or anyone you know is looking for a great gym to better yourself, you've found it!

    Jordan Washington
  • Megan Anderson, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Amazing culture and atmosphere. One of the best gyms I've ever trained at. High level coaching and top level athletes. I wouldn't want to train anywhere else.

    Megan Anderson
  • Katie Hammons, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Our son has been in the MMA and Jiu Jitsu programs at Glory for nearly a year now. My husband and I believe the instruction is top notch and in no other sport or program have we heard such an emphasis on Respect, Doing your best day in and day out and hustle. Our 6 year old can watch matches on TV or at Glory and identify what one is doing right or wrong and what will help them win their match.

    Katie Hammons
  • Joseph McCorkle, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Started taking classes here a few weeks ago with no prior martial arts experience. These guys don't care they are here to help anyone and everyone get better. I'm excited to continue to learn and grow myself in a place like Glory

    Joseph McCorkle
  • Jeff Miner, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    These folks make your training fun. It a family! I highly recommend checking it out for all age and skill levels.

    Jeff Miner
  • Aaron Dalton, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Great place for your children to train and be active.

    Aaron Dalton
  • Shannon Sinn, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I was in town for a couple days and fortune to be able to stop in and get some training in. Everyone was super welcoming and made me feel right at home. There was such an awesome vibe there accompanied by great skills. Can't wait to go back!

    Shannon Sinn
  • Mark Rum-z, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I love Glory MMA & Fitness. I served in the Marine Corps for 12 years and trained MMA most of that time. Glory is by far my favorite gym to train! They train at all levels (beginner to pro) and everyone there has a great attitude (staff and classmates). Even 2 of my kids (9 and 12) trian there, and they love it. If you're looking to train hard, looking to get back into shape, or anything in between, this is the gym for you. I highly recommend you just come meet the staff and see what they have going won't regret it. See you on the mats!

    Mark Rum-z
  • Jed Thornton, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    A group of coaches that can push you to succeed no matter what your goal is.

    Jed Thornton
  • Jesse Elliott, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Been with the gym since they opened in the facility as Grindhouse MMA back in 2011. Great roster of coaches and members to help you meet your goals.

    Everyone is committed to helping their teammates and pushing each other. While fitness and martial arts rely heavily on individual effort, nothing compares to having a great team behind you to get the most out of that effort.

    Rather you want to learn to fight for self defense or compete in combat sports, or you just want to get into great shape, Glory MMA and Fitness is the place to be.

    Jesse Elliott
  • Tyler Minton, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I have had the luxury of training all around the country, at many of the most notable gyms. I have never visited a gym with a more hungry fight team, and a more professional staff. Whether you're a UFC vet, or a kid looking to become one, Glory MMA & Fitness wants to help you. After my first visit, I was so impressed with the coaches and curriculum, that I immediately made plans to move my family from TN to KC so that I can further pursue my goals. I can't wait to see where my future goes with Glory MMA & Fitness!

    Tyler Minton
  • Freddie Garcia, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Instructors are very knowledgeable. They are a great group of guys to train with! I also have to add that the glory fit class is second to none!

    Freddie Garcia
  • Timothy Cervantes, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    This is the most family friendly gym...period! They have something for all ages, men or women. The instructors commit themselves 100% to helping you obtain your goals with amazing instructors. Our family of 6 all attend various classes and we can't get enough...If you are looking for a gym, Glory MMA & Fitness welcomes you with open arms the second you step foot in their gym and you will never look back!

    Timothy Cervantes
  • Andrew Swofford, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Golry is the best gym around doesn't matter if you want to be the UFC Champion of the world or if you're just looking to get in shape, Glory has the right classes for you.

    Andrew Swofford
  • Elizabeth Spicher, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    We love Glory! Our son has been going there since July and he has learned so much. Great classes, coaches and staff!

    Elizabeth Spicher
  • Holly Christian, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    My husband and I could not be more pleased with the coaches and staff at Glory and how they treat our daughter. She is always excited for practice and ready to learn more. The growth we have seen in her is fantastic! There's nothing like seeing your child confident and proud of their accomplishments. #weareglory

    Holly Christian
  • Jody Weaver Luce, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Has helped my daughter with fitness and confidence beyond any expectations. Paul and the staff have created a welcoming place.

    Jody Weaver Luce
  • Jean King, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I am honored to be apart of Glory. The atmosphere is amazing! Never a judgemental look or wisper like you get at other gyms. I am gaining self confidence and loving every bead of sweat that rolls down face. I leave the gym feeling like a did something with my time. Will recommend this place to everyone I see!!!

    Jean King
  • Jeff DuBray, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Motivating environment lead by truly passionate instructors!

    Jeff DuBray
  • Elishia Daughtry, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Today was my first session with one of the training programs (Muy Thai) and I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to go back. The staff was very welcoming and made my experience less intimidating. I recommend giving it a shot!!

    Elishia Daughtry
  • Richard Dixson, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    If your in the KCMO metro area, you need to go check out Glory MMA and Fitness in Lee's Summit, MO. 64086. James Krause and his crew have got it going on. Keep an eye on the UFC and you will be seeing plenty of more Glory MMA fighters on there.

    Richard Dixson
  • Joe Roos, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Absolutely the best choice for bjj or mma at any level. An alpha gym, that is GREAT with kids and the ladies.

    Joe Roos
  • Aaron Knight, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    My son takes Brazilian Jujitsu classes at Glory. The instructors do an amazing job with the kids!

    Aaron Knight
  • Annette Gonier, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    This gym has it all! It is the perfect combination of fitness, technique, discipline, competition, and family. My daughter Allison has been here since November 2013 and we are amazed at her skill advancement and maturity. Glory offers every skill level for every age- from beginner to the UFC!

    Annette Gonier
  • Austin Logan, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best fighters in the city and some of the best in world. Great MMA gym for all experience levels.

    Austin Logan
  • Zak Cummings, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory MMA and Fitness is a family oriented fitness facility that offers all kinds of classes for everyone no matter what your goals may be. World Class instructors, and a management team that stop at nothing to be the best gym in the midwest. Very positive, kid friendly, and family oriented fitness center.

    Zak Cummings
  • John Capek, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    It's been a great experience so far an I'll tell you this I would recommend this place to anyone that wants to step there game up an meet the challenge head on.

    John Capek
  • LC Davis, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top notch facility, World Class coaching with a Family atmosphere!.. This is where you NEED to be!!! #WeAreGlory

    LC Davis
  • Cody Kaufman, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Great group of guys! Very welcoming and always pushing me to be the best ME! Every class is different than the last. Always allowing me to progress. They are 100% team oriented while still working with each individual. Love it! #WEAREGLORY

    Cody Kaufman
  • Jeanna R. Maycock, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    A completely great place. I love the glory fit boxing class. Someday I don't think I will make but there is great support from coaches and fellow students.

    Jeanna R. Maycock
  • Michael Morgan, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    GLORY MMA AND FITNESS is a great business. I am fortunate to work with the owners..... who are great at what they do. They have created an environment that is family friendly and professional.You will not be disappointed with their knowledge and great programs. A++

    Michael Morgan
  • Julie Vest, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    A perfect place for men, women, children to find their fitness niche...offering a kickboxing fitness class called Glory Fit, mixed martial arts for adults and children including Jiu Jitsu. Glory MMA offers a great family atmosphere. Everyone is welcome at Glory MMA when they walk through the door whether they are a beginner or a pro.

    Julie Vest
  • Ann Hanon, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I have been a member for 6 months. I felt like family from the start. The environment is positive and respectful. I am able to get intense cardio in a safe environment under the supervision of professional fighters. I take a bootcamp type class called Glory Fit and have added a class called Muay Thai. Both have helped my self confidence and made me stronger mentally & physically. I came for the health benefits and received so much more in return by gaining a family that cares about my goals! I cannot say enough.

    Ann Hanon
  • Florina Moeller, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I absolutely love their classes and they are also a very nice and welcoming group.

    Florina Moeller
  • Charmin Long, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Love working out at Glory MMA Fitness!!! Love all the friends, I have made!!! Everyone is very motivating!! I love high energy, and positive environments!!! I would recommend this place to everyone!!!

    Charmin Long
  • Alan Olivas, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    It's great place to train with high level fighters so if your a dreamer and trying to go big on mma this is the place to train

    Alan Olivas
  • Nathan Stamburski, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The talent level here is amazing! The facility was top notch and professionally run. I look forward to coming back here when I am in the area again!

    Nathan Stamburski
  • Quentin Walker, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    This place is great! The instructors are excellent and it is a lot of fun!

    Quentin Walker
  • Amber McAfee, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Love this place and the atmosphere. Everyone is so positive and helpful. They make you feel like part of the family as soon as you walk in the door!!

    Amber McAfee
  • Keegan Staggs, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Even though I came into Glory late in the year, I have learned a lot from u guys, Thank you for everything you've done for me, and getting me motivated before my matches.

    Keegan Staggs
  • Trevor Ramsey, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best place to get a great workout, learn from the best coaches around, and meet an awesome family! Couldn't be happier!

    Trevor Ramsey
  • Julian Marquez, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best mma and fitness gym in the Midwest!

    Julian Marquez
  • Lucas Overcast, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory MMA & Fitness is an inviorment filled with quality people,where you can improve, grow, and advance in all aspects of mixed martial arts. A family of fighters and a family of friends! I am proud and feel blessed to be here and now. BIG THINGS!!!!!

    Lucas Overcast
  • Justin Jewell, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    By far one of the best gyms in the united states.. They help you to get better and want you to succeed!!

    Justin Jewell
  • Susan Gower, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The best gym around.. Instructors are awesome with kids.. I have grandkids that go there and they absolutley love it and look fforward to going

    Susan Gower
  • Cody Weaver, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory MMA & Fitness is a great place to train! Northland & Lees Summit locations.

    Cody Weaver
  • William Joplin, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The best gym to go to in Kansas City for all ages from self defense to being a professional fighter. Great family environment; don't know what I'd do without these guys.

    William Joplin
  • Andy Riley, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Hands Down the best Martial Arts and Fitness facility for families and Fighter's. Yes!!! This school is that versatile. Very clean and professional Staff member and current members. I love this place and would recommend it to ANYONE!!!

    Andy Riley
  • Halla Hajeh, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best gym I've ever joined! They do lol they can to motivate you every class! Makes you wanna come back everyday

    Halla Hajeh
  • Davy Tresler, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The most humble individuals in the business. If you need a place to better yourself, this is it.

    Davy Tresler
  • Don Mcguire, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top training facilities and fighters - Not a standard gym,teaching all aspects of MMA,Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu . Family oriented,with talent from UFC to people just wanting to get fit.

    Don Mcguire
  • Marcie Franklin, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    My daughter is in wrestling here. We love it. Super friendly staff

    Marcie Franklin
  • Pete Tapia, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Awesome place very nice people there.

    Pete Tapia
  • Jeremy Bjornberg, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Wonderful state of the art facility with friendly, helpful and world class coaching.

    Jeremy Bjornberg
  • Stacey Smith Poe, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Absolutely love this gym! The youth program trainers/ coaches are awesome!! Never before has my 7yr old been excited to go to any of his sport classes :)

    Stacey Smith Poe
  • Mahalia Levey, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Great place! Ahhhhmazing peeps!!!! Can't wait to do more GloryFit!

    Mahalia Levey
  • Franz Johnson, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    This is the place! Awesome gym, Awesome people😊👍

    Franz Johnson
  • Kyle James Noblitt, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Amazing place to be. Good ppl to make you even bigger then yourself!

    Kyle James Noblitt
  • Joshua McConnaughey, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Just about everything about it is great

    Joshua McConnaughey
  • Steve Harris, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Never been there, but big fan of the teachers and what moves they're making....

    Steve Harris
  • Aletha Cassity, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Awesome kids MMA/Jujitsu program. Exciting boot camp workout! Great instructors! We would recommend this gym!

    Aletha Cassity
  • Zach SubHub Hubbard, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best gym in the Midwest!!!

    Zach SubHub Hubbard
  • Sammy Chuba, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Love it!

    Sammy Chuba
  • Chris J. Stimac, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory MMA & Fitness brings all the tools Grindhouse MMA had with them plus more! There is a lot more passion in the gym then before the name change. They have the top, up and coming mixed martial artist's in the world right at your fingertips! They will teach life skills inside and outside the gym, show you first hand tips a tricks of the trade of MMA and help with all of your fitness needs. From children to adults this is the best gym in the Midwest and in my opinion the U.S.A..Try it and become part of the Glory family the sky's the limit! They also offer great specials and discounts!

    Chris J. Stimac
  • Christian Pinkas, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Best place To be at if your trying to get to that next level. Everything about this place is great.

    Christian Pinkas
  • Charlotte Pulse, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    When I first thought about finding a place to work out I was a little afraid. Then I was told about mma and kickboxing. I took a chance it was the best thing I have done in years. James Krause is a wonderful trainer, not to mention fighter. He works us hard but also teaches us the right form and doesn't get annoyed. So if you're looking for something to boost your confidence and have a blast come to Glory you'll love it.

    Charlotte Pulse
  • Anthony Lapietra, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top notch team with a great family atmosphere. I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to the coaches and staff at Glory MMA. There absolutely is no where better in the midwest to get in great shape, learn martial arts, or do both.

    Anthony Lapietra
  • Aaron Derrow, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    I've been training for 8 years, and I've trained at a lot of gyms. One of the many things I love about this gym is the sense of professionalism they maintain on a daily basis. They have top-level competitors, beginners, moms, dads, kids, families. It's a great motivating environment to be around that will help you accomplish your goals. Come join the family!

    Aaron Derrow
  • Ross Glazner, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    The coaches are knowledgable and social. There isn't any feeling of intimidation. They take time to help you and answer questions. They truly want to help you achieve your goals and push yourself to become greater! If you are in the KC area and are even just a little bit interested I would highly without delay recommend Glory as the #1 gym to go to!

    Ross Glazner
  • Jade Ripley, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    At Glory there's something for everyone! Whether you want to train to fight or get in the best shape of your life. Awesome atmosphere and the best trainers! Try it out, you won't be sorry.

    Jade Ripley
  • Cory Risseeuw, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory is the best gym in the KC metro and all of the Midwest. No matter your age or skill level you can go there and feel at home. The coaches and entire team are the best. If you want to learn you will because the coaches and your team mates really care. This is also your chance to put yourself against the best competition anywhere or any skill level.

    Cory Risseeuw
  • Dallas Browning, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top notch coaches, facility, equipment and most of all...Members. It's nice to walk in and be greeted with a hello and feeling of being welcome.

    Dallas Browning
  • Tammie Taulman Larkworthy, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Both my kids love going to glory son is 9 and daughter 7 the instructor is awesome couldn't ask for a better one he is great with all the kids

    Tammie Taulman Larkworthy
  • John Adams, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Glory MMA & Fitness is a fantastic facility ran by world class professional athletes. They have outstanding classes for all levels of fitness and mixed martial arts skills as well as an amazing kids program. Glory MMA is definitely the place to be!

    John Adams
  • Ren Hecker, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    Top notch coaches and just as amazing teammates. Good place and great people! They always try to make you feel welcome as well as work very hard to help you hone your skills

    Ren Hecker
  • Mindy Ashby, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    It's All in the name... Glory! The best trainers and the best results come from Glory MMA & Fitness. You set a goal and they help you achieve it, whether it be to fight MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, self defense, or to take your workout to the next level. All it takes is one class and you will be addicted. Everyone is welcomed with smiles and great coaching for men, women, and children. There's no place like this gym anywhere in Kansas City.

    Mindy Ashby
  • Julie Passantino Vest, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    A perfect place for men, women, children to find their fitness niche ...from kickboxing bootcamp, mixed martial arts for adults and children and Jui Jitsu. A great family atmosphere and everyone is welcome at Glory MMA when you walk through the door whether you are a beginner or a pro.

    Julie Passantino Vest
  • Brandon Davenport, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    AMAZING atmosphere where you are welcomed as soon as you walk in the door. World class coaches that go out of your way to help you be the best you can be in any area you need. All done at an SWEET facility!! You're missing out if you're not apart of this gym

    Brandon Davenport
  • Umaer Haq, Glory MMA & Fitness Testimonials

    These guys are smart, intuitive, and great at what they do. Great for your whole family. My experience training with Glory MMA and Fitness was wonderful. Everyone made, even an individual from out of town feel like family. Highly recommended to anyone in Kansas!

    Umaer " The Honeybadger" Haq

    Umaer Haq

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